Chavis, Cameron and Miles on the show this week

We gained an hour today. I’m going to spend part of it waxing poetic and pontificating here at The Swog Blog.

In Baton Rouge, this is the start of the biggest week of the year. No, not Christmas or Mardi Gras:


Earlier this week I got to sit down with LSU coaches John Chavis, Cam Cameron and Les Miles and we talked about just that, how exciting it always is leading into their game with Alabama.

You won’t want to miss those interviews on the Sports 225 that first airs Thursday. Chavis was great, Cameron was making his show debut and Miles was, well, Miles.

Because this past week was an off one for LSU, we not only got to do those interviews, but got to catch up on a few things and also watch some other teams play football. It says here that regardless of the BCS rankings and strength of schedule and all that, Florida State deserves to in the championship game.

Oregon has a nice team. It will get beaten soundly by Alabama. Think Notre Dame last year. Florida State could give Bama a game. But we’ll probably never know …

Thank goodness for Fox giving us an ESPN alternative. If you haven’t checked out their highlight shows, do it. Last night, dude said the New Orleans new Pelicans mascot looked like a cross between Woody Woodpecker and the Roadrunner. I think he insulted both of them:

Pelicans, striking fear into little fish that swim near the surface the world over …

If you’re in the Twittersphere, follow my boy John Williams at @jcwproductions and see his video piece last week on bringing our community together through kids and bikes:

If you’re one of my volleyball friends, today is our Volleyball Baton Rouge 14s tryouts. Always exciting but we always feel sad for the girls who don’t make it. For more,

Speaking of vball, my story on undefeated Missouri was posted last week on the Volleyball magazine website:

My story that ran in the actual magazine on Texas superstar Haley Eckerman will be available tomorrow online. For all my VBM stories, go to:

Spike on.