Enjoy the Odell Beckham Show

Andrew Alexander’s take on LSU whipping UAB:

The game was already decided by the time UAB lined up for a 59-yard field goal late in the third quarter Saturday night. Earlier in the season, UAB place-kicker Ty Long had shown his kicking range, hitting a 50-yard field goal against Troy, but this kick was still a stretch.

Trailing LSU 49-17, Long booted the football, and it fell short … right into the hands of Odell Beckham.

100 yards later, Odell Beckham made one thing abundantly clear: opposing teams cannot stop him and defensive coordinators better say a multitude of prayers if they hope to contain him.

Even UAB place kicker Ty Long was amazed.

“I thought I did have it until I saw him reaching back over the uprights,” Long said.

Although Beckham executed the missed field-goal return to perfection, he insists the Tigers do not work on that exact situation in practice.

“We worked on a look that if it was a long field goal to just be back there in case they run a fake or anything like that,” Beckham said. “I was kind of hoping that he kicked it a little bit high because I was going to try and block it, but it ended up working out better.”

“Better” was an understatement for Beckham Saturday night, as the junior wide receiver exploded for 331 all-purpose yards against UAB, third all-time for all-purpose yardage in a single game at LSU.

Heisman Trophy talk, anyone?

Beckham excited the crowd with three touchdown catches and 136 yards receiving, becoming the first LSU receiver to go over 100 yards receiving in back-to-back games since Dwayne Bowe did it in 2006.

Beckham also ripped off a 60-yard punt return late in the first quarter and ran for 15 yards on his lone rushing attempt.

“I prayed before the game just for a big game, and it finally came through,” Beckham said on his big performance against UAB. “I just have to give my hats off to my teammates.”

Beckham’s dazzling play on the football field is nothing compared to his flamboyant, but tasteful fashion sense. His postgame wardrobe following the UAB game consisted of mint green pants paired with a white oxford shirt and darker mint tie.

“When I first got here, Jarvis kind of took me under his wing a little bit. I didn’t ever really dress up or anything like that,” Beckham said on his style. “You know I kind of just found my own style and rode with it.”

Already revered as a dynamic playmaker, Beckham has set the college football world ablaze with his electrifying performances this season, racking 603 all-purpose yards in the first two games. His three receiving touchdowns this year have already surpassed last season’s total of two.

Despite his hot start, Beckham remains humble, aligning his personal goals with the goals of the team; the ultimate goal being to play in Pasadena at the end of the season.

Logic dictates that opposing defensive coordinators will begin to game plan to stop Beckham and kickers will aim their balls elsewhere.

Until that happens, enjoy the Odell Beckham show because right now he is the most exciting player in college football.