The Swog Blog: “See ya later, Navigator!”

I’m in Palm Coast, Florida, at an all-too-familiar-but nice Fairfield Inn, where I stay when visiting my mom.

And I turned on the TV this Monday morning to learn that the New York Jets had released Tim Tebow. After realizing that the talking heads on ESPN had been babbling about the worst quarterback in NFL history for almost 15 minutes, bringing in not one, not two, but three analysts to talk about him, I jumped out the window …

Not really. But I did start switching channels until I came upon one of the great movies off all time, “Flight of the Navigator,” which is not only a wonderfully funny film but might have been the first movie for a very young Sarah Jessica Parker.

Anyway, it’s been a strange week to navigate the sports scene.

First LSU question: If you were running back Michael Ford, who went undrafted, but you knew that Jeremy Hill, who was already on probation, was going to get arrested during the NFL Draft and might be wearing more than just 33 (think many more numbers and stripes) on his uniform next season, would you have stayed in school?

Another LSU question: Did LSU peak too early in baseball? The whole concept of how a team plays well and then suddenly doesn’t has baffled coaches and observers in all sports for all time. If the college baseball season lasted only 40 games, LSU would have been the NCAA champion. But the regular season is 56 and then there is the Southeastern Conference tournament, two rounds of NCAA playoffs, and then, LSU hopes, a trip to Omaha and the College World Series.

Since there are 11 regular-season games left, that doesn’t leave a lot of time to capture what might have been lost. That is, if you think it was lost. LSU has three three-game SEC series left, against Florida, Texas A&M and Ole Miss, plus two midweek games against McNeese and New Orleans. Eleven games plus the SEC tournament to figure it out.

I know lots of people who were so confident that LSU was Omaha-bound that they’re already ticketed for the CWS. They have a lot of fun there, those fans, watching baseball, eating beef and playing golf.

Speaking of baseball, if you’ve ever followed along before, it’s worth nothing that the Mariners are 11-16, the Astros 7-18 and the Cubs 9-15. None will ever see .500 again this season.

Ramble on.

The Navigator is about to make it home. My mom wants lunch. It’s a Monday, so you can listen to Matt Moscona and I set back radio when we have our weekly chat at 5:15 on 104.5 ESPN. Sports 225 has an airing tonight at 6:30 on Cox 4. And if you miss that one there’s still one of this week’s airings left, at 4 p.m. Wednesday on CST. It’s still scary to see myself in full HD.