About Sports 225

Sports 225 with Lee Feinswog is a Baton Rouge-area television show that started as Sports Monday in 1995 and morphed into its present Thursday-night form in 2011. Feinswog’s guests include anyone and everyone who has made an impact on the Baton Rouge sports scene. Much of Sports 225 is about LSU with local media guests, but hits on all facets of sports in the area with an eye for the unusual.

About Lee Feinswog


Lee is an award-winning sportswriter and the founder, producer and host of Sports 225. He has written three books, still plays water polo, and runs Volleyball Baton Rouge, an age-group club for girls. Follow him on Twitter @LeeFeinswog. He is also the co-publisher and editor of VolleyballMag.com. Follow him at @VBMagazine.  Lee and his hall-of-fame (no, seriously, she’s in four halls of fame, including the LHSAA Hall of Fame)  wife Brenda live with their dog, Bennie, and cats Ichiro and Cooyon.